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Photo Tip – Plan The Shots for Your Editorial Assignment

Here’s a tip for covering an editorial assignment. I’ve shot features for many magazines, but my favourite is the geographic assignment, so those are the sample photos I’ll use. The key to a successful feature in a magazine, geographical or otherwise, is diversity. To achieve that:

  1. Be sure to have three types of shots: long shots, mid-range shots and detail shots. You do this by utilizing a range of focal lengths and perspectives.


2. Be sure to include three varieties of subjects: people in action (so readers can relate), landscape shots (to build a sense of place), and the animals (for empathy).


3. Carry out each shot in both horizontal and vertical compositions as much as possible.


4. Finally, after you have the diversity, do the opposite and keep a sense of uniformity. A disparate series of photos has to hang together through a particular theme or style. And the delight of editorial photography is that it’s your choice. That could be a style of lighting, a colour scheme or other artistic treatment. That’s why editorial assignments are fun!

To see how I covered this assignment for Australian Geographic, you can read the previous article The Story Behind the Green and Golden Bell Frog Image.

Can I offer you more tips? Please just ask in the comment section below. Happy shooting!

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