Esther Beaton


November 2011

Louie Schwartzberg’s mesmerizing cinematography

I have been humbled. I saw visuals today that impressed me. But more so, they were accompanied by words – words that encapsulated my life story. Maybe the story of all my lifetimes. It was only yesterday I was speaking to a friend about the uplifting power of nature and photography and this video lands …

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Apple Needs to Think Like a Photographer

Isn’t the camera in the iPhone the coolest thing? As a professional photographer I love to have a little snappy camera in my bag to grab the occasional fun shot. Or if I’m doing a reconnaissance for a shoot or a workshop I make “photo notes” with my iPhone camera. I simply love the picture-taking …

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Obama, Obama…and press photography woes

I hadn’t planned to watch the arrival of the US President but when I saw the GG’s yellow outfit I was captivated. I was so impressed by the welcome given to President Obama by our two gracious first ladies. And it was so low-key, just like every thing Australian – so casual, so laid back. …

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