Esther Beaton


Louie Schwartzberg’s mesmerizing cinematography

I have been humbled. I saw visuals today that impressed me. But more so, they were accompanied by words – words that encapsulated my life story. Maybe the story of all my lifetimes. It was only yesterday I was speaking to a friend about the uplifting power of nature and photography and this video lands in my inbox today.
Do you like TED? The speakers on that program are all equally spellbinding; all bring such profound knowledge. Louie Schwartzberg is a rare TED speaker for he’s a cinematographer. Rarely do you get visual artists who can speak well, but his words are a perfect marriage with his pictures. He puts into words everything I’ve been feeling and wanting to express through my own photography. If you like nature photography, if you want to know why you like it, if you have 10 minutes, then watch this video. If you normally meditate, then you can forget your session today because this video is a great substitute. May we rekindle our childlike wonder; may we grow wise in our old age. May photography help us do that.

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