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Learn from Australia's award winning nature and wildlife photographer.​

Meet Esther Your Instructor

If you’re like me, you can’t wait to discover some new species or location and overcome the challenges of photographing it to its best advantage. I have a variety of ways you can learn from me and I’m willing to share all my professional techniques.

New! Day Safaris coming to the Sunshine Coast

Each one-day workshop will be coordinated to the best season and the ideal location — and the Sunshine Coast has some beauties! The line up for 2024 workshops may look like this. Travel workshops will be in Brisbane. Feel free to contact me to let me know your preferences and interests.

Gymea Lily, a giant lily native to Australia

Macro photography

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Rainforests & waterfalls

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Cafe in a square in Pecs, Hungary

Travel photography

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Past workshops

To give you an idea of what type of workshops you can expect, have a look at the Day Safaris I used to offer on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

They were a lot of fun and I ran them on my own when I could fit them in between assignments. Eventually one of the major camera houses in Sydney got wind of them and asked me to do some on their behalf. As a result more participants started coming to the Central Coast. I ran them for several years and got such positive feedback as well as an exciting diversity of students  – who really kept me on my toes! This sample gives an idea of the range of topics. And so now, it’s time to do them in sunny Queensland!

Waterfalls and rainforests

Springtime wildflowers

Birds in captivity

Travel photography

Beyond landscape photography

Landscapes and people

The Glories of Spring

Full moon photography weekend

People at work

Travel photography

Seascapes and forests

Wildlife photography

Seascapes at sunset

Here's what they are saying about Esther's workshops

“You have certainly rekindled my interest so much so that I have decided it is now time for me to upgrade….I really want to pick up my camera now more so than in the last few years. In fact yesterday, I brought my camera along for our father’s day lunch with the family in Chatswood!”

Patrick Zuluaga

“The workshop was fantastic! I learnt heaps of information and particularly regarding taking the time to get the camera setting right before shooting, not to mention which settings to use. I haven’t had a chance to get back out there and practice yet but may try for the next full moon in a couple of weeks. I thought your teaching techniques and attitude to photography and the entire weekend were a credit to you and I will definitely recommend the course to others.”

Julie Watson
Toukley, NSW

“Really wonderful, really mean it. There were so many little things you brought to one’s attention. Every bit is important. You put so much into the little books. I’m taking the book with me (on holiday to Asia).”

Meredith Foley
Sydney, NSW

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