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Esther Beaton

Thirty some years ago, I came to Australia from the United States, and even though I have travelled the world over, I have never found a more inspiring country for nature photography. Australia is a nature lover’s paradise and a photographer’s dream.

It is my dream to bring Australia’s unique flora and fauna into your home, your business and your heart. Perhaps it will be a fine art piece on your wall that stops you in your tracks every day, or maybe a photograph for your magazine or annual report that conveys a powerful and compelling message to your readers.


I have been a long time nature and wildlife photographer for Australian Geographic and have won their award for excellence. My nature photography has also appeared in National Geographic and Time Magazine, the New York Times, as well as on Hallmark cards and in publications for CSIRO, ABC and the Australian Government.

In my photography, you will find uniqueness, depth, emotive art, meticulous craftsmanship and cutting edge ideas for your marketing messages or magazine articles.


My photography experience is rich and extensive including scientific, architectural, editorial, commercial, portrait and many other types of photography. But not weddings. Or babies. Not that I have anything against weddings or babies you understand! It’s just that my love of Australian nature and wildlife photography surpasses all others. It satisfies my thirst for discovery and knowledge and it repeatedly gives me opportunities to drop my jaw in amazement and wonder.

Photographing Australia has some very special challenges and intrigues. Many mammals are small and only come out at night. Many flowers only bloom in winter. You’ve really got to understand how the animals and plants behave and prepare for that in order to take the best photos.

Let me show you Australian nature and wildlife as you’ve never seen it before.

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