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Wedge-tailed Eagle portrait. Noble Spirit

Decorate your home with nature

Australian Fine Art themes by Esther Beaton

The mystery and awe of Australia’s wildlife and  natural environment are captured in artworks that are realistic and yet some are wildly expressionistic at the same time. Crafted with the finest materials, the prints will endure for decades in your home or office. 

About the prints

Captured in Nature.

Enhanced in the Studio.

Printed to Perfection.

I personally oversee that the prints are made to the highest archival standards. This makes them extremely age resistant. They are beautifully reproduced on Canson Infinity Arches Aquarelle cotton rag. This genuine watercolour paper has a unique surface texture which softens the colours while keeping the photographic details crisp. 


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Flannel flowers (Actinotus helianthus) Sydney region, New South Wales

Natives - limited editions

“It’s incredible, the way you’ve turned art into photography and photography into art.” ~ Danny Rowland, Bondi

Esther Beaton Noble Spirit artwork; black swan and cygnets on back

Noble Spirit - open editions

The Noble Spirit collection attempts to elevate the stature of Australia’s native fauna. It draws attention to the right of all species, from endangered to common, to call this continent their own. I’ve treated them in a classic portraiture style to emphasize their majesty and presence. From owls with eyes that haunt, to fragile butterflies; from fierce predators to graceful birds in motion, this is an ode to Australia’s native fauna. See the work that took one photographer three decades to capture.

Natives open - editions

The “limited edition” series of Natives artworks, intended as an exclusive collection, was too limiting for some people who wanted more choice in sizes and prices. So this “unlimited” selection offers just that - and at a lower price point!

Real Art in Real Homes

When I have the chance, I like to deliver  some of the purchased prints myself. It gives me a great perspective on the variety of placements and styles. Not everyone’s home looks like it was Vogue designed (though some do!) and I thought it would be helpful for viewers too, to see how easily some of these art subjects fit in with different concepts, feelings and memories.


Newport, Sydney

The buyers loved the Black Cockatoo portrait because it was a match for the ones which flocked regularly in the trees outside their living room window. 

Koala portrait in Balmain home

Balmain, Sydney

This elegant couple had a strong taste for art of all types and the endearing koala portrait fitted perfectly into their Balmain cottage by the harbour.

Allambie Heights, NSW

A truly lovely couple who were so fond of these expressionist native plants artworks, they bought four (one for the bedroom).

Recent Exhibitions

Among the many venues where my art has been exhibited are the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Nepean Hospital, North Shore Hospital (newly built entrance foyer), Akuna Bay Cruising Club, Melbourne Museum, and locally at the Seaview Gallery in Moffat Beach, Queensland. 

Opening night “celebrities” have been Angus Stewart and Morris Gleitzman and once was lucky enough to have a featured arrangement created by Saskia Havekes of Grandiflora. 

What the visitors said

We all know that art evokes very different responses. Some exhibition visitors got a bit excited, some spoke in their native tongues, and some felt like meditating. Who would have guessed.

What turns a photographer into an artist?

Esther Beaton photographing eagle chick in nest, outback, western New South Wales

First, my camera searches for the beauty in the bush....

I’ve travelled Australia for decades loving each state, every desert, each forest, every swamp. I’ve discovered the common and the rare, but never anything banal. Whether a majestic wedge-tailed eagle or a humble gumnut, all have beauty. Each is a mysterious creation – but if only my camera could unravel their mysteries! I must try harder, climb higher, stay later into the night….then I might capture that beauty.

....and I finish it off in the studio.

When I started producing these style of artworks in about 2012, galleries in Sydney were hesitant to take them. At first glance they liked them. But when they found out they were based in photography, they shied away. “People don’t buy photography”, they said. Surprise, surprise. That may have been the opinion of gallery owners, but not of the people who actually came to my first exhibition. They loved them, they bought them, and they told their friends overseas. Who also bought them. 

Esther Beaton digital painting her art with a computer and stylus.
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