Esther Beaton


The Little Flea from Jibbon Lagoon

Who would have thought that little Jibbon Lagoon would ever have a claim to fame? 
If you are wondering where you can find this little creature from the black lagoon, Jibbon is at the north end of Royal National Park. Which as you all know is on Sydney’s doorstep.
Here’s a photo I took in Jibbon Lagoon myself when I was shooting the story on Royal for Australian Geographic magazine. That’s the writer Karen McGhee on the left and herpetologist, Ken Griffiths on the right. I doubt they’re looking at a water flea. I had them pose that way because I loved the reflections. Karen was not too happy to be up to her knees in ambiguous sludge, but she was a trooper and did it for the story.
You never know, maybe they helped the little water flea along on its survival journey.
And it’s always a wonder how, as a lifetime nature photographer, your work always seems to relate to something happening – somewhere. Sort of.

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