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Plan your year with a wall calendar

Are you organised for 2019? I’ve got the best calendar for that.

See your whole year in a glance

I love to get an idea of my year ahead: what jobs I’ve got booked, whether assignments, my own stock shooting trips, presentations, as well as how much time I need to set aside for pre- and post-production for each.  

When I can see at a glance what my year ahead looks like, I can pace things, avoid pile-ups and double bookings. I can plan personal stuff and just generally have more piece of mind. 

Unfortunately, you cannot buy a year-at-a-glance wall calendar in Australia. At least, not like the great ones you can get in the USA with the really functional layout. 

So a few years ago, after futile searching, I decided to make my own. It turned out to be so simple, so perfect, that I’ve made them every year since. 

  1. Print out 12 months on single sheets of A5 paper. 
  2. Loosely tape them together. You can end up with one chart with all 12 months, but I prefer to have two 6-month sections. 
  3. Get the sections laminated at Officeworks or elsewhere. 
  4. Tape them to your wall where you can see them from your desk. 
  5. I use coloured Sharpie pens, using Green for personal stuff, Blue for business. And other colours for whatever, like my birthday! 
  6. You can easily wipe off the writing with methylated spirits.
  7. You can stick post-it notes all over the calendar and move them around. 

I particularly love to calendarize what I call “self-assignments” otherwise personal shooting has a way of never happening. Having this format for my year-at-a-glance has worked for well for me, I thought others might be interested too. 

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