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Let’s Encourage Young Photographers

I’d like to acknowledge a budding young nature and wildlife photographer, Mikaela Clews. She won the Young Encourage-ment award at the recent Gosford Council photo competition.
Mikaela Clews deserves a lot of credit for getting out into the bushlands around Gosford, New South Wales. The aim of the photo competition was to portray how nature is on the city’s doorstep. Mikaela got hold of a young girl (probably her coerced little sister) and ‘put’ her into the picture. So many of my workshop students are hesitant to work with people; they’re uncertain about how to pose them, or where to place them in the landscape. Very few of the adults who entered the competition dealt with this situation but young Mikaela made a noble effort.
With her photo of a Kookaburra she managed to get close enough to almost fill the frame. She also chose a fairly large aperture to throw the background out of focus enough to concentrate attention on the bird. There is a little bit of distraction in the background with the light on the tree trunks but I’m sure she’ll notice that next time. I like the different perspective of looking down on the bird, with the gully below/behind it, don’t you?
Congratulations, Mikaela – I hope you continue your photographic efforts.

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