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Big news – latest book!

Booderee National Park? Who’s heard of that? Well, I knew it as Jervis Bay National Park when I was the photographer there years ago. It was so great to be working on this book because I got a chance to re-visit some of my favourite old haunts. And it was refreshing to discover that the beauty and wildness of the landscape has remained the same, despite hordes of visitors every year.
I started to photograph this book ten years ago. And then disaster happened – the Park was almost eradicated by one of the worst bushfires ever. Nine years later I was able to complete the photography and this is thanks to the persistence of the chief scientist and organiser behind the project, David Lindenmayer.
The book project is a re-affirmation that science and art complement each other and reach more people and achieve more goals together than working separately.
I am proud that the book has turned out so attractive. If you are one of those 450,000 annual visitors who go through the gates, call in at the visitor centre and buy a copy. Not only will you learn about Booderee but the nature and wildlife info also applies to much of our coastal landscape.

Here are a few selected pages:







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