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An artful life: Scotland Island, Sydney

I photographed an article for Australian Geographic recently and it’s now also online. If you don’t have a subscription to the Australian Geographic newsletter, you can see it here.

Give a thought to the lead picture which is an overview of Scotland Island on a sparkling summer day. It almost looks like an aerial shot. Such an easy shot to take, right? Nope. It took me two tries to find the view. First, I studied maps looking for the highest elevation and best angles of the sun. I then slogged for a couple hours through a sub-tropical jungle looking for the track to the highest peak. When that failed I tried on another day, this time asking some locals, Tracy and Paul Smith. They were kind enough to conduct me to the overgrown track and even led me to the top. Of course Then I insisted on waiting for the sunset light as well, which meant descending through that jungle in almost darkness.
The article was originally published in the November/December 2012 issue of Australian Geographic (number 111). Isn’t it great that once it’s been in print, it can continue to live on via the web? Or is that not such a great idea – meaning that what some have to pay for is now available for free?

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