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Kodak Seminar Tour

Kodak and I are touring all over Australia and New Zealand in September. If you or a friend is interested in wildlife and nature photography, here’s an invitation to come along. Bookings are essential, so to attend this free seminar, you’ll have to sign up. Just go to the front page of Kodak’s website and click on my name or on the bird picture and you’ll see all the venues listed. It’s going to be a fun seminar series. The seats are filling fast – amazing!

4 thoughts on “Kodak Seminar Tour”

  1. I attended the Melbourne session last night and really enjoyed it. Esther shared her passion for wildlife and photography and showed many of her photographs. I found the work she did behind the photos was interesting and the care and planning in her work is evident
    Thanks to Kodak but special thanks to Esther

  2. Hi ash, thanks for taking the time to give feedback on the talk.

    Meredith: The talk in Sydney was a big success. The auditorium was filled to overflowing – well over 200, with people sitting in the aisles. One of the questions from the audience was specifically about how to photograph tiny blue wrens, so naturally I asked if you were present – who better than to advise on such a shot! (see blog post for June 25)
    Yes, the Kodak-sponsored tour is to launch my new e-book, The Nature Photography Cookbook, which is accessible through this website:

  3. I have downloaded the Nature Photography Cookbook and am really enjoying reading through the ‘recipes’. Its great to have both technical AND compositional advice in one place and with regard to specific (but very familiar)subjects/locations. I’m also finding it much easier to absorb the information in the way you’ve presented it – its far more like having someone experienced in photography standing beside you. Well done Esther!! It deserves a wide readership! Dont forget to put a link to it on your website.

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