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Mac vs PC

As part of my recent tour around Australia and New Zealand, for the Kodak seminar series, I gave presentations at various photographic colleges. While visiting the various campuses, I poked into some of the classrooms to see what computers were provided to students – to see what was the basic platform of the teaching curriculum. …

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To Kill or Not to Kill Our Whale?

The question is moot. The deed has been done. Last week, as a community, we decided to euthanase baby Colin, the whale who had come adrift from her mother, and who had been sucking the hulls of boats moored in Pittwater, one of Sydney’s harbours just a couple sea miles from my house. What a …

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Waterfall Trickery

It’s great when you learn from your students. The last Day Safari workshop was a big fun day out. We shot wildlife in the morning and waterfalls in the late afternoon. Participants quickly understood how to use different shutter speeds to create various amounts of “silkiness” in the waterfall. But my students taught me something about …

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Photographers, Politics and the Environment

One of the most significant environmental events in Australia occurred in 1983. And I was there. It was January, I was on my honeymoon with my French photographer husband, Jean-Paul Ferrero and I was on a mission to try my hand at my first ever photojournalism piece. We cruised down Tasmania’s Gordon River and camped …

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Meredith’s Superb Wren and the Great Tripod Debate

Thanks to everyone for the great comments on my first blog post. I’m really stumped by who could be behind some of those quirky aliases! Instead of one of my photos, I’d like to post a winner sent in by Meredith Foley, one of my Day Safari participants. She’s asked a question and I’m sure many …

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Latest Outback Magazine

Have you seen the latest issue of Outback magazine? It’s published by the outfitter RM Williams. They manufacture such high quality supplies and clothing for stockmen that the clothes have now made it into mainstream fashion. The magazine is a lovely evocation of the life of country people in Australia. I guess it’s a bit …

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