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Spring Growth – Ltd Ed Fine Art Print by Esther Beaton


Growing tips of eucalypt branches in spring. Southeastern Australia

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Once day, hiking through the mountains north of Sydney, I came across a sight I had never seen before – an entire hillside covered in pink-leaved eucalypt trees. The young trees were completely covered in the fresh pink leaves of new growth. A bushfire had gone through some months before and that was the only explanation I had for this strange colour.

This pink-ness is another one of the strange behaviours of eucalypts. Just like the old leaves turn a vivid red before they drop, so the new leaves emerge pink; not green like most other plants but lovely rose pink. This can occur naturally as the tree grows and young branches sprout through the top of the canopy, or after damage, like fires or ripping winds. When a whole hillside of trees did this all at once, it was a magical moment for me. 

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Archival pigment on cotton rag


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