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Gymea Dream – Ltd Ed Fine Art Print by Esther Beaton


Gymea Lily (Doryanthes exelsa), a native lily of the Sydney region. New South Wales.

When one first sees a Gymea Lily in the wild – and they only grow on the outskirts of Sydney – one is awestruck by their size. They grow to three times the height of a man. They simply tower over you. The flower head is enormous, containing as many as 100 individual lily flowers. Each blossom can hold deep pools of sweet nectar. 

The only way I could get a camera to see into the bloom was to find one on a steep enough slope that I could climb to eye level. And then the magic unfolded. By focusing on a single blossom, I caught the sinuous growth of the petals and styles. The curves move and flow with the rhythm of nature itself. Each bloom is a multi-hued Schiaparelli pink. 

Looking at this giant plant in the wild, you are overcome by its strength, power and dominance. But looking into just a single flower as in my picture, you are stuck by an opposite side to its character: grace, flow and relaxed abundance. 

Weight 5 kg

Archival pigment on cotton rag


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