Esther Beaton


Gungurru I – Ltd Ed Fine Art Print by Esther Beaton


Bark of Gungurru (Eucalyptus caesia subspecies magna) Wheatbelt area of Western Australia.

 I love the aboriginal name for this small mallee tree. I came across it in Western Australia where initially I only noticed the huge, beautiful, pendulous pink flowers. Then my eyes travelled up to the startlingly white bell-shaped gum nuts. The multiple trunks and top branches were also coated in a thick dusting of white powder. Finally, as my eyes travelled to the lower parts of the trunks, I noticed the bark was splitting and curling up in a pattern known outback as “minni-ritchie”. A myriad shades from fresh lichen green to rusty bronze were revealed. And then I couldn’t resist adding a few shades of red on my own. 

Weight 5 kg

Archival pigment on cotton rag


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