People often don’t realise how deeply nature and wildlife photographs move people or how much more a photo can convey beyond its subject matter. This is where my photography is different. It makes people think.

So what is the difference between one nature shot and another? Why does my wildlife photography stand out and get commissioned by Australian Geographic and other major publishers?

I work with scientists in the field for feature articles and studies so I am well informed about flora and fauna and the best and rarest of nature. I photograph my subjects in depth to tell the whole story behind the image. Many photographs are the result of countless hours spent in dark rain forests or sweaty hides, suffering through bites and stings and sometimes even being chased by crocodiles – or even authorities!

All my stock images are tightly edited and fully captioned with location and scientific information. An Esther Beaton “duck” is not just a duck, but a “blue-winged female Shoveler duck, among the reeds at dawn in South East Australia”. This helps both us humans and search engines such as Google.

Finally, it’s not enough for me to just “bag the shot”. I keep persisting until it’s aesthetically beautiful—a work of art. The result is timeless art photography with many unique, rare and powerful images.

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What is a Stock Library?

Stock photos, stock library, stock images, photo library – they are all the same thing. A stock library is made up of “images to go” and saves the delay of commissioning a photographer to go on an assignment. I license my stock photos to publishers, advertisers and corporations. They use them in all sorts of print media – from postcards to billboards – and sometimes in TV and retail products as well.

Throughout my career, I have always managed a stock library. First during my government job, then as the co-founder of Auscape International, and now for my own stock of thousands of nature images. Consequently, I have about 2000 select images online now, but this number should reach 6000 by the end of 2015 as I continue to upload more from my archives.

Stock Library: Terms of Use of This Website

1.The photographic images on this website are for your examination and consideration for future use. They may not be reproduced for commercial or private use without purchasing the appropriate license from Esther Beaton Wild Pictures. The only permissible use at this time is downloading for layout or comping purposes.

2.All photos displayed on this website are the copyright of Esther Beaton. A license to reproduce them can be obtained by placing an order via the Contact page. The license fee will be based on your intended use/s. Some sample fees are listed here. If you wish to obtain a quote for a specific use you have in mind, contact us.

If you have any comments or feedback regarding ordering online, please contact us.

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