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"Nature Photojournalism Features"

"Taming Wild Flowers"

A story for Australian House & Garden magazine showcasing Australia’s native flora and how they are exceptional in dried flower arrangements. 

"A Harbour Bridge Painter"

I got special permission to be on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to photograph one of its legends, the harbour bridge painter. Published in K-zone magazine in 2000.

"Toad-ally Wild Art!"

A cute story about an artist on Magnetic Island who creates paintings using flattened cane toads. Published in Eye Spy magazine April 1997.

"The Bushfire's Legacy"

Australia has a unique story to tell when it comes to bushfires. The plants are so adaptable that they spring into new growth almost immediately. I’ve done several versions of this story about the beauty of the recovering landscape and how it steals the show.

"The Possum that Wouldn't Die"

Australia has such cute and amazing nocturnal animals. This was another little story aimed at children (who just love nature) and one which was syndicated in other languages. 

"Projekt Wunderwüste"

Set in the Simpson Desert of Queensland, this story was published in the prestigious Das Tier magazine of Germany in 1994. 

"Flight of Fancy"

A story about a house that could have been perched overlooking the Mediterranean Sea – but it was in New South Wales. In House & Garden magazine, October 2006.

"The Muttonbirders"

The poignant story about the short-tailed shearwater and those who hunted it in Tasmania. For GEO magazine 1999.

"På Picnic I En Seks Kilometer Lang Raekke"

Initially published in National Geographic magazine, my story about “The Rope That Walks” was picked up by many magazines to be re-told in several languages. 

"The Franklin Legacy"

I was panic stricken to submit my first real story. I had photographed and written it while experiencing the Franklin blockade during my honeymoon. Not only did it get published in full, but it also got on the cover. 

"The Modern Herbal"

This was a simple story about some herbal entrepreneurs, but it made the pretty pictures. For House & Garden magazine.

"The Rope That Walks"

After appearing in National Geographic, I sold the same story to Disney Adventures. 

"Tasmanias Siste Fugle-Fangere"

Muttonbirders were both aboriginal and white people who had practiced a rare way of life since before colonisation. My story was syndicated numerous times around the world, including this one in Norway’s Vi Menn magazine in 1990.

"Big Nest, Big Troubles"

A story about the industrious mallee fowl was done in gruelling conditions in western New South Wales. This version was published in International Wildlife (USA) in July 1999.

"We Just Eat the Little Bastards"

Working through one of the infamous fly plagues of Australia’s Red Centre resulted in some unusual story perspectives. This one published by People magazine in around 1996.

"I'm Not a Rat!"

Initially packaged for a German children’s magazine, the story about antechinuses was so popular and the pics so different that it was picked up by several other kids’ magazines around the world.

"Finding Beauty in Nature's Designs"

When you’re out in the field involved with nature every day, you start to notice patterns. They turn out to be mathematically magical. For Australia GEO 2002.

"Beyond Broome"

A travel story about the aboriginal resort, Kooljaman, on the tip of the Kimberley, was published in Burke’s Backyard magazine in May 2006.

"Big Footed Battler"

A different version of the mallee fowl story was published in Australian GEO in May 1996.

"The First Resort"

A travel-focused piece about Kooljaman, the aboriginal-owned resort at Cape Leveque, Western Australia. Published in in the UK magazine Geographical in June 2007.

"The Rich Life of the Tall Eucalypt Forests"

David Lindenmayer and I took different aspects of the giant forests of central Victoria and packaged several features and these also helped promote our book “life in the Tall Eucalypt Forests”. 

"Eine Maus Mit Macken"

The story retold for the children’s magazine GEOlino, one of the German GEO group.

"Gold Fever"

Once I discovered wattles, the amazing Australian plant that can feed the world, I couldn’t stop promoting them. This story for Burke’s Backyard magazine featured the unique diversity within Australia’s 700 species. 

"Where Have All the Animals Gone?"

Although forests can recover, animals have a hard time after a bushfire. This story started out sad, but had a surprise ending. Packaged for Scientriffic magazine 2006.

"Guardians of Eden"

When you’re out in nature a lot and observing some horrific changes to the landscape, it’s hard not to become a conservationist. I proposed this story for Good Weekend, the supplement to Sydney’s main newspaper, and they accepted it – but sent their own writer. 

"Met Liefde Vir Die Huidelrot"

This story was published in Afrikaans for the magazine Huisgenoot. 

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