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If you’re like me, you can’t wait to discover some new species or location and overcome the challenges of photographing it to its best advantage. I have a variety of ways you can learn from me and I’m willing to share all my professional techniques.

The Workshops

You can find a list of upcoming and future workshops below. Please contact me if you’d like to enrol.

Sunshine Coast Safari

11 November 2023

Come join us on the sunshine coast as we go bird watching and beach hopping for some of the best sights Queensland has to offer

Kick back in Kilkoy

15 October 2023

Explore the beauty of Kilkoy through the Lens of an SLR. This breathtaking remote Australian hotspot has so much nature to explore.

Picnic at Hanging Rock

8 August 2023

Stand will literally stand still as you explore this gorgeous mountaneous terrain complete with real life ghost stories.

This event has ended.


Our live photography lessons have been well received by our adventurous students.

“You have certainly rekindled my interest so much so that I have decided it is now time for me to upgrade….I really want to pick up my camera now more so than in the last few years. In fact yesterday, I brought my camera along for our father’s day lunch with the family in Chatswood!”

Patrick Zuluaga

“The other thing that really made an impression on me was the time and thought required to set up a successful and satisfying shot. When I find myself rushing and snapping I will stop and remind myself to think through the composition and how I can creatively control the scene I want to capture.”

Meredith Foley, Sydney, NSW

“I also liked the little practical suggestions that came up along the way, the lessons in setting up the shot before approaching the subject, the use of flash in daylight, the little ad hoc camera supports for low light shooting etc. And your research/record notebooks — that’s already got my mind ticking over on a much more systematic and organised approach to my own pre-trip research.“

Andrée Lawrey, Sydney, NSW


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