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Noble Spirit Collection

This is our collection of Noble Spirit Artwork.

Recent Exhibitions

Esther’s most recent series of fine art was exhibited in both Sydney and Central Coast venues.



Opened at The Palm House, Sydney Royal Botanic Garden, November 2017

Central Coast showing: Kooindah Waters, Golf and Spa Resort, Wyong, NSW, April – May 2018

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Red-tailed Black Cockatoo


Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby
Tiger Quoll

Esther Beaton’s latest series of artworks, called Noble Spirit, is an ode to Australian wildlife.

The exhibition, which opened at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, makes the attempt to elevate the stature of Australia’s native fauna in the eyes of the general public. It draws attention to the right of all species, from endangered to common, to call this continent their own.

The artist has treated them like classic portraiture, a style which reflects their majesty and presence, unlike the imagery normally seen in print. From owls with eyes that haunt, to fragile butterflies; from fierce predators to graceful birds in motion, this is an ode to Australia’s native fauna.

See the work that took one photographer three decades to capture.


The images have been beautifully produced on Canson Infinity Aquarelle cotton rag. The genuine watercolour paper has a unique surface texture which gives additional character to the art. Together with genuine Ultrachrome pigment ink, the prints are made to the highest archival standards and are extremely age resistant.

Archival matts and elegant timber framing further enhance their appearance on your walls. A selection of portraits have been reproduced in larger sizes on gallery-wrapped canvas, also made to archival standards. They range in price from smaller pieces to large, and will fit into a variety of budgets and needs.


Mainland Masked Owl


Esther Beaton holds periodic exhibitions in Sydney, the Central Coast, other parts of New South Wales and also in Victoria. Be notified of upcoming shows and venues, by signing up for email notifications. Just tick the box on the Contact page for “art news”.  

Visitors Palm House Natives exhibition


“At the end of each day it was so helpful to share our work, evaluate each other’s photos and develop an eye for composition, perspective, lighting … all the elements that go towards creating memorable photos. I had dreaded this part of the workshop (letting everyone see my mistakes), but I found it enormously helpful, mutually supportive and really fun. Your ability to constructively comment on everyone’s work, highlighting the better aspects and explaining why some shots were not working, was invaluable.”

Ali Corke, Communications Manager, Cape Otway Centre for Conservation Ecology

Someone in the office came in today raving about some gorgeous imagery they saw associated with Melbourne Water and tall euc forests….and that we just have to get that photographer to do some work with us in our remote/gorgeous areas of the catchment which we call “Special Areas” and are off limits to the world. The photographer turns out to be you of course.

Peter O’Malley – Senior Publications Officer
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