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Esther enjoys nothing more than speaking to a crowd of nature lovers, whether that’s a small local garden group, or a large international seminar. 

Most audiences are keen on hearing the details of her adventures “on the Beaton track”. Her journeys in pursuit of wildlife have taken her back and forth across the continent of Australia where encounters with wildlife – and people – can be exciting, hair-raising, embarrassing and tough. Mostly, though, they are full of the joy of discovery and wonder.

She is a frequent presenter at the many camera clubs around Sydney and the Central Coast, where audiences are eager for more technical and background info about nature photography. She is also regularly invited to judge photo competitions, ranging from smaller local ones to the major Australian ones like The Nature Conservancy and the Nature Photographer of the Year.

Esther Beaton speaking at Kodak Seminar Series September 2008 Sydney, New South Wales


  • “How to Shoot for Geographic Magazines”
  • “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Being a Wildlife Photographer”
  • “The Wild Life of a Wildlife Photographer”
  • “In Search of Beauty”
  • “Recipes for Great Wildlife Photography”
  • “The Power of Visual Storytelling”
  • “Always Be Working as a Photographer – No Matter What the Economy”
Esther Beaton photographing chicks in wedge-tailed Eagle's nest, helicoper in background, Far west New South Wales. Assignment Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies.
Esther Beaton giving presentation at Gordon Institute of TAFE, Geelong, Victoria
Hide used by Esther Beaton to photograph Mallee fowl at their mound in western New South Wales.
Esther Beaton, on assignment for Australian Geographic photographing Brush Turkeys, Kincumber, Central Coast, New South Wales (Photo by Nikola Markovina)


Esther welcomes media requests and enjoys a lively and lighthearted discussion whether radio, TV or press. She has been interviewed several times over the years by Scott Levi and other ABC broadcasters and has featured on Channel 10’s very popular Totally Wild TV show.

In addition, she is regularly interviewed by the print media. She has appeared several times on the cover of local newspapers like the Central Coast Advocate, Daily Telegraph Extra and Hornsby Advocate and was featured on the cover of the industry standard, ProPhoto magazine.

Scott Levi live interviw of Esther Beaton, ABC radio 92.5FM studio, Central Coast, New South Wales
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