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Thirty some years ago, I came to Australia from the United States, and even though I have travelled the world over, I have never found a more inspiring country for nature photography. Australia is a nature lover’s paradise and a photographer’s dream.

It is my dream to bring Australia’s unique flora and fauna into your home, your business and your heart. Perhaps it will be a fine art piece on your wall that stops you in your tracks every day, or maybe a photograph for your magazine or annual report that conveys a powerful and compelling message to your readers.



I have been a long time nature and wildlife photographer for Australian Geographic and have won their award for excellence. My nature photography has also appeared in National Geographic and Time Magazine, the New York Times, as well as on Hallmark cards and in publications for CSIRO, ABC and the Australian Government.

In my photography, you will find uniqueness, depth, emotive art, meticulous craftsmanship and cutting edge ideas for your marketing messages or magazine articles.

Medallion won by Esther Beaton for excellence in photography for the Australian Geographic Society's journal


My photography experience is rich and extensive including scientific, architectural, editorial, commercial, portrait and many other types of photography. But not weddings. Or babies. Not that I have anything against weddings or babies you understand! It’s just that my love of Australian nature and wildlife photography surpasses all others. It satisfies my thirst for discovery and knowledge and it repeatedly gives me opportunities to drop my jaw in amazement and wonder.

Photographing Australia has some very special challenges and intrigues. Many mammals are small and only come out at night. Many flowers only bloom in winter. You’ve really got to understand how the animals and plants behave and prepare for that in order to take the best photos.

Let me show you Australian nature and wildlife as you’ve never seen it before.

Esther's Work in the Wild

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Taming Wild Flowers feature for House and Garden magazine

Taming Wild Flowers – Home and Garden magazine feature

A Modern Herbal feature article for House and Garden magazine

The Modern Herbal – House and Garden magazine feature

I'm Not A Rat feature for Disney Adventures Magazine

I’m Not A Rat! – Disney Adventures – feature

National Geographic caterpillars in desert article

A Silken Road Across the Outback – National Geographic – article

Big footed Battler feature about Malleefowl in International Wildlife magazine

Big Footed Battler – International Wildlife feature article


Australia’s Most Dangerous – book cover

Cards & stamps

Australia Post stamped postcard

Booderee national park, the Jewel of Jervis Bay, co-author of book, 2014

Booderee National Park – book


Woodlands A Disappearing Landscape – book

The Nature Photography Cookbook, author, 2008

The Nature Photography Cookbook – book


Life in the Tall Eucalypt Forest – book

Billboards & Signs

Billboard for show at Australian National Botanic Gardens

Book Esther for your next event

Esther enjoys nothing more than speaking to a crowd of nature lovers, whether that’s a small local garden group, or a large international seminar.

Most audiences are keen on hearing the details of her adventures “on the Beaton track”. Her journeys in pursuit of wildlife have taken her back and forth across the continent of Australia where encounters with wildlife – and people – can be exciting, hair-raising, embarrassing and tough. Mostly, though, they are full of the joy of discovery and wonder.

She is a frequent presenter at the many camera clubs around Sydney and the Central Coast, where audiences are eager for more technical and background info about nature photography. She is also regularly invited to judge photo competitions, ranging from smaller local ones to the major Australian ones like The Nature Conservancy and the Nature Photographer of the Year.

Esther Beaton speaking at Kodak Seminar Series September 2008 Sydney, New South Wales
Scott Levi live interviw of Esther Beaton, ABC radio 92.5FM studio, Central Coast, New South Wales


Esther welcomes media requests and enjoys a lively and lighthearted discussion whether radio, TV or press. She has been interviewed several times over the years by Scott Levi and other ABC broadcasters and has featured on Channel 10’s very popular Totally Wild TV show.

In addition, she is regularly interviewed by the print media. She has appeared several times on the cover of local newspapers like the Central Coast Advocate, Daily Telegraph Extra and Hornsby Advocate and was featured on the cover of the industry standard, ProPhoto magazine.

I remember reading the article on mutton-birders in GEO and the striking and evocative images have stuck in my mind ever since!

Louise Ray – Editor

It (the article) perfectly fit in, so glad, such a last minute thing.

Charlie Lockhart

I couldn’t believe when you said you weren’t a writer; your stuff’s great; feel like our own little coup having you on board. Esther, I love your stories, they are absolutely beautiful; I can’t wait to put them in the magazine….the pictures are incredible.

Wendy Moore – Editor

It was just brilliant to have long-time journal contributors of the top calibre there – you, Bill, Frances, Paul and others. Love the pic.

Ian Connellan – Editor

Your images are just stunning; we just love them. Thank you

James Forbes – Marketing Manager

“Getting down at eye level”,”highlighting the animal/subject with a smaller aperture” and to unclutter the background were some of the points I took away. It helped me to … think more about a shot and how I can get the best out of it rather than just “snap away”… My best shots of the wallabies were the ones I took first thing in the morning. So thank you for a great day.”-

Wayne Rogan, Sydney, NSW
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