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Let’s Encourage Young Photographers

I’d like to acknowledge a budding young nature and wildlife photographer, Mikaela Clews. She won the Young Encourage-ment award at the recent Gosford Council photo competition. Mikaela Clews deserves a lot of credit for getting out into the bushlands around Gosford, New South Wales. The aim of the photo competition was to portray how nature is …

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Louie Schwartzberg’s mesmerizing cinematography

I have been humbled. I saw visuals today that impressed me. But more so, they were accompanied by words – words that encapsulated my life story. Maybe the story of all my lifetimes. It was only yesterday I was speaking to a friend about the uplifting power of nature and photography and this video lands …

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Apple Needs to Think Like a Photographer

Isn’t the camera in the iPhone the coolest thing? As a professional photographer I love to have a little snappy camera in my bag to grab the occasional fun shot. Or if I’m doing a reconnaissance for a shoot or a workshop I make “photo notes” with my iPhone camera. I simply love the picture-taking …

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Obama, Obama…and press photography woes

I hadn’t planned to watch the arrival of the US President but when I saw the GG’s yellow outfit I was captivated. I was so impressed by the welcome given to President Obama by our two gracious first ladies. And it was so low-key, just like every thing Australian – so casual, so laid back. …

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Keep it Beautiful This Week

Did you know it is Keep Australia Beautiful Week? Sometimes ugly things are happening in the world and it’s easy to despair. I wonder how people in London and other cities in England feel upon hearing the “Keep it Beautiful” motto. After the damage and chaos of recent weeks, just cleaning up seems an overwhelming …

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Watch Your Whales – They’re Back!

June 1st announces the start of the whale watching season. Humpbacks and southern rights can now be sighted off the New South Wales Coast as they head north to breed in warmer waters. I’ve been blown away by this annual event ever since that June in 1988 when I carried out an assignment for Good …

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The Secret’s out at Secret Creek

Once upon a time, in a deep gully, protected by rocky wooded slops, lived a quiet community of coal miners. Today, apart from a few stones marking the ruins of their homes, lives an equally quiet community of local residents. But these aren’t human. They are secretive mammals, little known and little seen by most …

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Outback birds take to nesting

The Outback when it is wet is amazing. When it floods and takes human lives, and livestock, then it is truly terrible. The damage caused by the recent Queensland floods was so so extreme because it mainly hit the heavily populated coastal towns. Further inland, the Outback towns are used to the river channels breaking …

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