The movie “Australia” – what did YOU think?

Esther BeatonOn the Beaton Track, Western Australia

I was sitting an at Italian restaurant in Palm Desert, California with 10 members of the Desert Cities Coachella Valley Camera Club. As their guest judge, I had been invited to dinner beforehand. One of them asked what I thought of the movie “Australia”. I figured it was a trick question so I carefully answered “I’m not sure if many Americans would find it relevant”, which then launched quite a lively discussion of the pros and cons of the movie.

One thing I regret not mentioning at the time is that I found the backdrop scenery completely uninspiring. What a pity to miss an opportunity to show the true magnificence of the Kimberley! Instead of the parched, overgrazed flatlands that were shown, and which are more typical of outback Queensland, the movie could have provided a feast of rolling vegetated hills, giant termite mounds, limestone-walled gorges and rivers swollen wide after monsoonal rains. I’ve travelled the Kimberly on my assignments and this part of the Top End is truly a landscape photographer’s paradise. I can’t wait to go back on another tour – despite the movie!