Outback birds take to nesting

Esther BeatonBird Images, Did You Know?, On the Beaton Track, Outback

The Outback when it is wet is amazing. When it floods and takes human lives, and livestock, then it is truly terrible. The damage caused by the recent Queensland floods was so so extreme because it mainly hit the heavily populated coastal towns. Further inland, the Outback towns are used to the river channels breaking their banks and most of … Read More

Magic happens when you least expect it

Esther BeatonDid You Know?, On the Beaton Track, Outback

I arrived at Cooper Creek, in South Australia’s Channel Country, in the middle of this year’s unusual rains. The scene I planned to photograph was grey and ordinary. But after spending an hour or two – and after I stopped whinging about the gloomy skies – the real beauty of the scene emerged. To get the story behind this photo, … Read More