Apple Needs to Think Like a Photographer

Esther BeatonPhotography Equipment

Isn’t the camera in the iPhone the coolest thing? As a professional photographer I love to have a little snappy camera in my bag to grab the occasional fun shot. Or if I’m doing a reconnaissance for a shoot or a workshop I make “photo notes” with my iPhone camera. I simply love the picture-taking capabilities of an iPhone. It saves me the bother of pulling out the big gear when it’s not really necessary.
That’s why I want Apple to design the camera a bit better. 
The problem is the button. Isn’t it just the most difficult thing to “hit”? Using the iPhone camera is definitely a two-handed job because of the placement of the shutter button. I think it’s totally illogical to place the button down near the bottom where your grip on the phone is totally imbalanced. If they redesigned the interface to put the button directly under your index finger, getting those grab shots would be so much easier and you could work with one hand. 
Here are some pictures of what I mean; they might explain it better than words. 
This is a very difficult way to hit the button one-handed. 
Look how white my thumb and finger get from trying to 
hold on tight to the iPhone.
This would be a much more natural and comfortable grip when holding it in camera mode. It seems like it would be an easy and logical redesign of the interface to place the button under the natural position of your index finger, whether right handed or left handed.
This is how normally I hold the iPhone to take pictures. I need a two-handed grip and it works pretty well. If the button were on the left hand side, you could hit it with your thumb just as easily. But so often I want to use it one-handed and that’s when it’s hard to hold it steady AND compose accurately.
What do you think? Am I the only photographer out there who struggles to hold the iPhone steady with one hand? I’d love to get the feedback. If there’s a lot of it, Apple might sit up and take notice. Thanks!